Physiotherapy, sports medicine, massage therapy, and more

We help high performance athletes, folks recovering from injuries, and seniors managing chronic pain. We work with people who want more ease, more movement, more agility, and more joy in their lives. We can help you get back to life.

Ashley smiling brightly in the clinic with anatomy drawing in the background.
A runner moves along a path on Vancouver Island.

Get moving, get playing, get winning

Our practitioners can help you get moving, and get winning, again. If you have questions, contact us or make an appointment and find out how our team can help. Visit us in Victoria at 1928 Oak Bay Avenue. We’re at the corner of Redfern right across from Redbarn Market.

We support athletes.

(Maybe everyone is an athlete in the context of their own lives.)


Let our Physiotherapy team help you with acute injury management, exercise program planning, core stabilization and so much more.

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Two women wearing red and white uniforms and visors rigorously rowing on calm water.
Runner with taped knees out in the rain and water during a race.

Sports medicine

We provide sports medicine services including Prolotherapy, Synvisc, and Corticosteroid injections.

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We welcome patients into our clinic to discover a pathway to optimal health. From a nutrition consultations, to tune ups and addressing chronic illness, we can be a partner and an essential resource to athletes and community members.

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Dr. Kim McQueen stand ready to help.
Massage therapist, Stephanie Holbrook, greets us in the new location in Victoria, on Oak Bay Ave

Massage Therapy

Increase your mobility and range of motion, decrease muscle tension, and improve overall health.

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Athletic testing & coaching

  • Running analysis
  • Fitness assessment
  • Fitness consultation
  • Lactate testing
  • Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test

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Mike Neill stands coaching an athlete.

Supporting athletes, and their families, for fifteen years.

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