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Let our Physiotherapy team help you with acute injury management, exercise program planning, core stabilization and so much more. Find out more about Physiotherapy.


See our Chiropractor for your back and neck pain, frozen shoulder, athletic injuries. Find out more about Chiropractic.

Massage Therapy

Increase your mobility and range of motion, decrease muscle resting tension, and improve general functioning. Find out more about Massage Therapy.

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A swimmer takes a breath during the front crawl in a pool between lanes.

Nine golden rules for swimming injury prevention

BC physiotherapists are the most physically active healthcare professionals in Canada and the ones physicians recommend most. Swimming is awesome. As a triathlete, I do my fair share of strokes ...
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A massage therapist presses and holds the trapezius muscles around a patients back and neck.

Eight reasons why I love massage therapy

Once in a while I'll meet someone who is not really into getting massage as a therapy. When this happens I resist the impulse to sigh and explain why they're ...
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Knee x-rays.

Just what do X-rays tell us

With some injuries your doctor or therapist may suggest imaging to help rule in or rule out certain pathologies. These images can provide useful information but they can also present ...
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A woman lunges with a punch during a tai chi movement

Proprioception, movement, balance and grace

If you've ever watched a baby grow and learn to touch their toes, crawl, walk and touch their nose, then you've observed a brain and body developing its proprioception. And ...
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A tennis racquet lies on the clay court surface with a tennis ball on top.

Ice versus heat

Many clients ask me if they should be icing or heating their injuries. Here’s what we know about the effects of these modalities and when it is appropriate to use ...
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A group of people on the beach, jumping in sync and moving their bodies

Debunking the many myths of back pain

During one of my social media breaks I stumbled across an informative article talking not only about the nature of back pain but some common perceptions about back pain. Here ...
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A worker bends over his work, looking closely at his brush work.

Ten things your chiropractor wants to tell you

The British Columbia Chiropractic Association has been doing a good job promoting chiropractic care. We appreciate their hard work bringing everyone up to speed on modern chiropractic practices! "Chiropractic can ...
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Two runners make their way up a hill cross country on a cold winter day in Victoria

The importance of warming up

With the temperatures hovering around freezing, it is a good time to discuss the importance of warming up! After speaking with clients and fellow teammates, I have found that time ...
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A skateboarder takes off toward the sunset on a beautiful autumn day on Vancouver Island.

We see athletes everywhere

We are continually impressed with the dedication and commitment to performance that our clients have. This is true of the athletes we treat. And this is also true of the ...
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Racers in ÖTILLÖ SwimRun clamber over the rocks going from island to island

ÖTILLÖ and the new world of SwimRun

SwimRun is a fast growing sport that has existed in Europe for just over ten years. But it has only popped up in North America in the past year. Originating ...
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An athlete has a heaving bar resting on her shoulders behind her head and she's sweating.

How to be happy at the gym (do you even lift?)

Do you ever see people who seem happy at to the gym? Do you ever question their life choices? Do you dream of also being happy there? I'm the perfect ...
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Orthotics are a competitive edge for athletes

Enhance performance, reduce fatigue, with orthotics

Many foot problems can be helped or solved with orthotics. In fact, many body problems can be helped or solved with orthotics. A lot of folks end up in our ...
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