What is Tendinopathy?

Tendinopathy refers to damage to a muscle…

Tendinopathy refers to damage to a muscle tendon, the most common of which affects the elbow (tennis elbow) and the Achilles tendon. Tendinopathy can be caused by sports or work-related activities that involve repetitive overuse or sudden trauma (tendinitis) or degeneration and tearing of the tendon (tendinosis).

Pain is a guiding factor for determining the severity of tendinopathy. By listening to your physiotherapist and your body and by following the Physio-4 for Tendinopathy, you can help to prevent tendinopathy from occurring or re-occurring and keep moving for life.

Stay tuned for 4 Tips to Prevent Tendinopathy from Occurring and Re-Occurring…


Posted by Angie Boyle

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