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Garden City 2016

It’s the Garden City Invitational this weekend at the Panorama Recreation Centre. We’re fans of Falcon Gymnastics, and we’re sponsors, and we’re happy to be there cheering on the athletes and also providing support for injury and recovery.

Sandy and the Arbutus Team spent the day there yesterday and they’ll be there today again providing support to the athletes. Sport matters to us and especially to Sandy Wilson: “We love watching these young athletes develop their skills and capacities and love for sport. Falcon Gymnastics is a really important community organization.”

Here are some words of encouragement we wrote for the tournament magazine.

When you focus

When you focus
the energy of your mind and train your body to
and discipline
and push your limits to grow
and graceful
and you experience all the power of sport
including elation
and joy
remember that you have a team
and you are not alone.