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Enhance performance, reduce fatigue, with orthotics

Many foot problems can be helped or solved with orthotics. In fact, many body problems can be helped or solved with orthotics. A lot of folks end up in our offices with pain or injury and we discover very quickly during an evaluation, that we should do a gait analysis.

Some folks are surprised to find out that orthotics have changed a lot over the years. Orthotics have come a long way. Back in the day, we would take a cast of your foot. And the resultant orthotic was thicker and bulkier and harder.

These days, we get you to walk or run and we scan your foot movement. The scan of you moving creates an orthotic that is way more dynamic, less bulky and more effective. They’re also much more comfortable now and folks tend to wear them more. So there’s more compliance.

When folks are wearing them, the therapeutic value of the orthotic gets to work. The user is less fatigued and they have more efficiency in their movements.

For athletes this can be a competitive edge. For a marathon runner, this is huge. Baseball players wear orthotics. Tennis players and golfers wear orthotics. Even cyclists wear orthotics.

In fact, most Major League Baseball teams, including the Toronto Blue Jays, wear orthotics.

The goal is greater biomechanical efficiency. Better performance also means less injury, which, in terms of training for a long season, can be huge.

For weekday workers, greater biomechanical efficiency means less pain and fatigue. We’re on our feet a lot and when our feet are happy, we’re happy. For weekend warriors, greater biomechanical efficiency means less pain and injury, and getting the most out of your weekend.