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From professional athlete to firefighter

Today, Marty Lazarski works as a firefighter. It’s very physical work and his earlier career as a Pro XC Mountain Bike Racer is a natural fit and good background.

Conditioning is as important now, or more so, as it’s always been. After all, no one’s life, or home, was saved by winning a race.

And while Marty once relied on physiotherapy to help regain full function from injury, Marty now relies on physiotherapy for maintenance and prevention.

“It’s pretty amazing how much we rely on our bodies daily. I think sometimes you forget about that until you have an injury and until you have that taken away from you. And there’s no worse feeling than being grounded. Physiotherapy is definitely my goto practition – having someone know your body as well as you know your body, if not more.”

Marty used to travel nationally and internationally on the pro bike circuit. Now he enjoys the forests and mountain terrain of Vancouver’s North Shore to feed his craving for mountain biking, and to stay in shape for firefighting.