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Strength training with Mark Posten

Just before Christmas last year my lovely husband got me personal training sessions – and the strengthening began. I wanted to start training and get stronger to make sure I was protecting my body from my hands on, physical job. Motivation was a definite issue for me. On any given day I’d rather be in a forest or by the beach. So personal training, PT, seemed the best way to keep that accountability and routine.

I should stress that if you’re considering working with a personal trainer, do your research. The difference between a good and a bad one can be vast. My trainer is knowledgeable, a total stickler for correct form and he works hard outside of sessions to make sure my programme is tailor made. His name is Mark Posten and he works out of GoodLife at the Bay Centre.

He’s also constantly learning and developing his approach to training – winner.

There have been definite hurdles. My squat, for example, needs work. But we’re seeing progress and I really enjoy it! No one is more surprised about that than me. If it’s something that you’re thinking about, I encourage you to stick with it. For me, I come back to my original interests. Why did I start in the first place? This helps to keep me on track. And if you’re undecided, maybe you will feel encouraged by some of these benefits:

  • more energy
  • increase in lean muscle mass, which improves metabolism
  • increase in functional strength
  • improves mood
  • injury prevention
  • can offset/delay dementia
  • increases productivity and mental focus
  • increased bone density

There are many more!