The dogs we love (and the challenge with deer)

The dogs in our life can help us get out for walks and to be in the world, but one thing to think about in the fall during rutting season is the deer…

One of the great things about Victoria is the number of dogs I see out and about with their people! It’s always brightens my day when an approaching dog looks hopefully at me for some attention.

Anyone who has owned a dog, knows that they need daily exercise. What better reason to go for a hike in the woods or a walk along the ocean than your furry four legged friend giving you “the look”?

Before you head out to your favourite spot, you may want to think about the time of year and whether you have a good chance of encountering deer. During the late fall, also known as rutting season, bucks become much more aggressive. Male deer will use their antlers to fend off or even attack a dog.

The damage can be severe and life threatening. So, if your furry friend is known to go on adventures or you plan on going to a place that has deer, you may want to keep your dog on leash in October and November.

Pearson (husky/shephard) on the left, and Niki is the brown and white dog (border collie/chocolate lab rescue) on the right

Pearson on the left, and Niki on the right. Rest in peace Niki. You were our loyal friend and we’re very grateful for our time together. We miss you dearly.



Posted by Christy Mader, RMT

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