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Professional development with ConnectTherapy in Vancouver

I know what happened to you but why? I know that you have (insert your injury here) but your knee/shoulder/lower back, etc., is the victim in this scenario. How exactly did your body get to that point? Where did this start? What is the driver for this? And can I puzzle it out, understand and prevent this from happening again?

These are questions that I think all physiotherapists ask – and I’m on a quest. I started a course this month called Connect Therapy, developed and taught by an inspirational and amazing physiotherapist, Dr. Linda-Joy Lee, who works over in Vancouver. Although I’ve only been practicing Physiotherapy for a relatively short seven years, this is the best course I’ve taken. Ever.

After my first week (there are three throughout the year) my brain has come away full of new information and hungry for more. I’m learning how to palpate and feel what happens to the body during movement in a new way. It’s a challenge but a really enjoyable one. The pieces of the body puzzle will be slowly but surely coming together in a new way throughout this year as the course progresses.

So when you come to see me from now on, whether it be with neck, shoulder, knee or foot pain, don’t be surprised if we end up treating a completely different area! The more I’m learning about the body, the more intricate and interwoven everything is – yes, your foot pain might actually be coming from your thoracic area.

Looking forward to figuring it all out!