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Professional development, Functional Dry Needling

Recently I had an opportunity to participate in a Functional Dry Needling course in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After the course I returned to the clinic feeling energized and excited to apply the techniques I had learned. My course had taught me many valuable skills but had also highlighted the importance of professional development in providing clients with the best care.

Continuing education allows practitioners to keep up with current ideas and best practices in our field. Rehabilitation medicine is an ever changing landscape with new treatments emerging all the time. Keeping up with treatment techniques, especially when research shows them to be effective, is an important part in making sure you are receiving care that will make you better!

During professional courses not only are we able to learn from educated instructors but there is also the opportunity to learn from other practitioners. At my course there were therapists from all over Canada and the United States, practicing in a wide variety of clinical settings. By chatting with other therapists I came away with a handful of new ideas that weren’t even part of the curriculum.

Finally, taking part in professional development provides practitioners with the challenge of thinking about the same problems in new ways. This expands our ability to clinically reason and provides us with new ways to think outside the box when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. These skills are invaluable, as no two clients are alike and often the same injury requires different approaches in different individuals.

All of your practitioners at Arbutus Physiotherapy continue to expand their knowledge and skills in their fields. This allows us to provide you with the most relevant and individualized treatments in order to achieve your goals!