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A passion for movement can take us to new places, like boxing

Age and condition can slow down our abilities and athleticism. But our love of movement doesn’t have to wain. And studies show that in some contexts, exercise can help with symptom management and even slow disease progression.

Donna’s story is really a story about passion for movement.

“I’ll tackle anything now. Like I know what I can do, what I can’t do. And if I think I can’t do it? Damn it, I’m gonna try it anyways.”

Donna was diagnosed after falling during a walk with a friend. She had adapted to earlier symptoms, such as running into bushes or moving unpredictably, and accepted them as her body’s quirks.

Her diagnosis, though frustrating at first, led her to seek out options to cope with her symptoms. This included more traditional treatments such as medication, as well as physiotherapy-focused boxing classes. The movements taught in the class led to a noticeable improvement in her symptoms, plus “it just feels good to slam something.”

Having someone in your corner can make all the difference when you’re in the ring fighting for your health and vitality, whether that means healing from a sports injury or coping with a disorder. For Donna, her Physiotherapist is one of the key tools to help her keep moving and stay vital.