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Mental health #GetReal ⁣

Did you know we are right in the middle of CHMA Mental Health Week?⁣

It’s just the reminder that we needed to reconnect to ourselves and reconnect to others during a time that is keeping us isolated. Just because we are physically distanced, doesn’t mean we have to be emotionally, mentally, or relationally distanced. ⁣

This week the Canadian Mental Health Association is inviting us to #GetReal:⁣

“We say we’re fine, even when the truth is we’re ecstatic, exhausted, grateful. Or even freaking out. Every time we just go through the motions, we miss out on the chance to connect for real. In times of crisis like this, we need each other more than ever.” ⁣

Here are some ideas on how you can today:⁣

  1. Take a moment to ask yourself “How are you really?”⁣
  2. Get social on social media ⁣
  3. Be generous – when you give to others, you give to yourself!⁣
  4. Practice listening ⁣
  5. Check in on your mental health ⁣
  6. Get some (virtual) face to face time ⁣
  7. Care-monger by being kind to others

To learn more about these 7 simple tips, find a quick mental health checklist and keep educated on mental health, visit⁣

Find out more (PDF).