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Introducing Dr. Kim McQueen

Meet Dr. Kim McQueen, one of the newest members of our team!⁣

Dr. McQueen has been a naturopathic physician for almost 20 years, working with elite athletes, food manufacturers, as well as regular folks along the way. Now, we are lucky enough to have her bring her practice to our clinic, and we couldn’t be more excited! ⁣

Raised right here in Victoria, Dr. McQueen was a captain, coxswain and coach for the UVIC rowing team. When she isn’t in the clinic or being a busy mother of three, you can find her on the trails around Elk and Beaver Lake.⁣

Dr. McQueen works closely with her patients to help elevate their lifestyles to meet their overall goals of health and well-being. We love her philosophy of “heal from the inside out”.⁣

Visit our website or give us a call to book an appointment with Dr. McQueen and reach those health goals before we reach the end of 2020! ⁣