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Personalized hangboard assessment and training plan

Hangboarding is an important way to improve finger strength and climbing performance, but it can feel daunting figuring out how and where to start.

We can help

A hangboard assessment at Arbutus Physiotherapy is a great way to begin your climbing training in a structured and safe way. Your training will be overseen by a licensed physiotherapist who is an avid climber and a user of climbing training methodologies.

What does a hangboard assessment look like?

The first part of the hangboard assessment is dedicated to reviewing the relevant medical history, climbing history, and the personal climbing goals of the client. The therapist will discuss how to properly use the hangboard safely and effectively, and then will walk the client through a short group of warm up exercises before beginning the hangboarding assessment.

In the second part of the assessment, the therapist will guide the client through a hangboard work out to determine the current level (and extra weight if needed) that the client can train at on the hangboard. Following the assessment, the therapist will provide feedback on the patient’s performance and then will create a hangboard program that the patient can perform as a training routine at home or at the gym for the next 6 weeks. Along with the hangboard protocol, the physiotherapist may also recommend additional exercises targeting proper muscle activation when training and climbing.

Frequently asked questions

1) How long should I have been climbing before I start a hangboard program?

Opinions vary, but typically you should have been climbing regularly for around 1 year before starting to use a hang-board

2) Is hangboarding dangerous?

Hang boarding can increase your risk of injury if performed when fatigued or performed too early in a person’s climbing career; however if done in a proper and systematic way, it is a great tool that can be used safely

3) What should I bring?

You simply need to wear comfortable work out attire (shorts and t-shirt or tank top if comfortable doing so)

4) Is a hangboard assessment covered under my benefits?

Yes! The hangboard assessment acts as preventative rehabilitation (pre-habilitation) and will be billed under physiotherapy for your extended health benefits.