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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation got Sabrina back on the trampoline

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction means different things for different people. For Sabrina it meant incontinence. She couldn’t run, couldn’t go for walks, couldn’t bounce on the trampoline with her kids. It limited her freedom.

We have complicated bodies and they change throughout our lives. Sometimes these changes impact the way we live. Sometimes a change is our body asking us to care for it differently.

After giving birth to three kids Sabrina had Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.

“There are so many moms in the same boat, and your new reality as a mom doesn’t necessarily entail that your body can’t work optimally anymore. It does change, but Pelvic Floor Dysfunction doesn’t have to be one of the things on the list.”

After she started physiotherapy she realized these changes didn’t have to be permanent. What her body needed was Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation. After doing the exercises for two weeks she stopped experiencing inconsonance completely.