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Recovering from injury, to winning and sharing gold

Mutaz Essa Barshim won gold at Tokyo 2020 for high jump. And so did Gianmarco Tamberi. It’s a moment etched in our minds and in sports history partly because of how unusual it was.

For one, gold hasn’t been shared like that since 1912. And the competition at Tokyo 2020 was at the highest level, ever, in high jump. And of course, the outpouring of emotion when they understood they could share gold was a highlight for sure. It’s part of Olympic history and the story of their friendship.

For us, one of the main reasons we will always remember this moment, is the story of their shared recovery from injury.

They both had critical ankle injuries and their surgeons told them their injuries could be career-ending. Tearing ligaments in their ankles, and recovering to earn gold is a testament to the human body and spirit.1

  1. (And rehab. Contact us if you want help.)