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Andrew Mills, BScPT, MA Phil

Andrew completed his physiotherapy training at Queen’s University in 2005 where he earned honours as well as the Dean’s award. He worked and mentored in Montreal under a top osteopathic therapist and had the opportunity to expand his skills in this area as an adjunct to traditional physiotherapy.

Andrew has worked with CBI health centre in acute musculoskeletal injury, chronic pain, and dizziness therapy including post concussion syndrome. He is certified in Acupuncture through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute, Vestibular Rehabilitation through Professor Susan Herdman at Emory University in Atlanta. He also has completed advanced manual therapy and manipulation training through the Swodeam Institute.

He has worked with olympic athletes as well as elite runners and triathlon athletes through Kellys kids and livefit coaching. He also maintains a relationship with the Iqaluit Department of Physiotherapy and has provided locum coverage and teaching in this region.

Andrew believes in a multifactorial approach to rehabilitation. He uses manual therapy and modalities to reduce pain and facilitate healing in acute injury, and strongly believes in education and exercise to facilitate return to activity, empower the individual in their recovery, and prevent reinjury.

In his spare time Andrew is completing a philosophy degree through the University of Victoria. He enjoys living an active lifestyle and has recently become hopelessly addicted to surfing.

Within weeks she had me back to running!

“I have rolled my ankles quit a few times over the past 2 years leading to swollen ankles to the point it hurt to stand for long periods of time and decided to make an appointment with Physiotherapist, Sandy Wilson. After the first visit, I had full confidence in her and within weeks she had me back to running!”

Angie Boyle, Executive Assistant at B78 Multisport Coaching
angie boyle review

Athletic background

“Because of Sandy’s own athletic background she brings both a deeper sense of what is going on and the sense of urgency that most people feel when they are injured. When you have something wrong you just want to get on with it. Sandy has an incredible feel for what is going on and how to fix it.”

B78 Multisport Athletic Coaching

Repair my body past what I thought was possible

“I have been going to see Sandy for a few years now for various sporting injuries. She is great at what she does, and I highly recommend her and I send all my friends to see her. She is very strong and has worked out knots/scars in my muscles to repair my body past what I thought was possible. I have tried other practitioners in the past and have always felt like they ignore what I say and just do what they feel is best without telling me why they are doing it- Sandy takes the time to listen and really give feedback on what she is doing and why she is doing it.

I have also recently seen Veronica Hewstan for chiropractic needs, and she has been great as well. She has a wide variety of techniques (ART, Graston etc) to treat a wide variety of injuries.”

Graeme Galloway

Graeme Galloway review

My rehabilitation program was easy to follow

“Sandy Wilson is the consummate professional. My running injury was diagnosed efficiently, the treatment was highly effective and my rehabilitation program was easy to follow. What more could one ask for?”

Tony Zarsadias
Tony Zarsadias