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Ashley Scopick, MPT

Ashley moved to Victoria in 2010 after completing her Bachelor of Science in British Columbia’s interior. She fell in love with the city and all that it offered in the way of outdoor athletics and recreation. She quickly became involved in distance running and her love for the sport only fuelled her interest in the human body and its incredible ability to change and adapt. After graduating from the University of British Columbia with her Masters in Physiotherapy she is now happy to be back and practising in this wonderful community.

Ashley enjoys working with clients to meet their individual goals and understands what is required of athletes in a variety of different sport and recreational activities. She takes a hands-on approach to treatment and enjoys using Manual Therapy to facilitate change. She also believes in the importance of educating clients and giving them the tools they need to be successful in their recovery.

Ashley has completed her Functional Dry Needling certification and in the future, plans on continuing to expand her knowledge of Manual Therapy techniques, which she has already began through the Canadian Physiotherapy’s Orthopedic Division. Ashley also offers shockwave therapy. Outside of work Ashley enjoys running, cycling, hiking, camping, and playing various team sports.

Ashley Scopick, Arbutus Physio, MPT

Everything I could have asked for

“My experience at Arbutus Physiotherapy was everything I could have asked for. The receptionists were always so kind and welcoming whenever I came through the door, and they were easy to communicate with. I was never intimidated or unsure when interacting with them. Whenever I would call the reception, I was consistently greeted with a warm hello, and the people I spoke to were respectful and understanding if I needed to change something and were sure to communicate effectively if I needed to know anything. The centre was always clean and they made sure to follow COVID guidelines well. I came here looking for support for my left shoulder and hip after an accident, and my physiotherapist Connor was an absolute dream! From the beginning I felt comfortable working with him as he is not afraid to be himself, which really helped ease my nerves. Throughout the whole process Connor was so clear about what we were doing and why, as well as how it benefited my body. He was able to give me an estimate on how long our work together would take, but was very flexible in this. I am a student so he also gave me tips on how to care for my body through hours of studying, which I really appreciated. When doing physical stretches and exercises, Connor made sure I was comfortable and consistently made sure they were effective, and adjusted when they were not. Anytime I asked a question he would answer it with no problem at all, being sure to explain everything clearly and he would always make sure that I understood what he was saying even if I didn’t ask (this really helped because I can be anxious about asking to clarify something, and I can just end up not asking at all). On top of this, Connor was SO SO easy to talk to, and he has quite possibly the best collection of patterned short sleeve button ups I have ever seen. TL;DR I would highly recommend coming here :)”

Rita Chitroda
Riya Chitroda review

A proactive approach

“I had an excellent initial visit with Brandon. He was extremely thorough and answered all my many questions satisfactorily. The program of exercises he provided was clearly explained with a followup email containing instructions and videos to help me. I was particularly impressed that he.focussed not only on the specific problem I came in with but he explained how this could affect other areas of my body and prescribed exercises to prevent any further damage to these other areas, a proactive approach.

Pauline Samoszynski
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