Ashley Scopick, MPT

Ashley moved to Victoria in 2010 after completing her Bachelor of Science in British Columbia’s interior. She fell in love with the city and all that it offered in the way of outdoor athletics and recreation. She quickly became involved in distance running and her love for the sport only fuelled her interest in the human body and its incredible ability to change and adapt. After graduating from the University of British Columbia with her Masters in Physiotherapy she is now happy to be back and practising in this wonderful community.

Ashley enjoys working with clients to meet their individual goals and understands what is required of athletes in a variety of different sport and recreational activities. She takes a hands-on approach to treatment and enjoys using Manual Therapy to facilitate change. She also believes in the importance of educating clients and giving them the tools they need to be successful in their recovery.

Ashley has completed her Functional Dry Needling certification and in the future, plans on continuing to expand her knowledge of Manual Therapy techniques, which she has already began through the Canadian Physiotherapy’s Orthopedic Division. Ashley also offers shockwave therapy. Outside of work Ashley enjoys running, cycling, hiking, camping, and playing various team sports.

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Ashley Scopick, Arbutus Physio, MPT

Ashley sits straight on an office chair working on a wireless keyboard connected to a laptop. Her elbows are comfortably at her side, and the laptop is propped up on a stack of books.

Ergonomics for working from home

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A path through the woods with light streaming down

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Knee x-rays.

Just what do X-rays tell us

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A tennis racquet lies on the clay court surface with a tennis ball on top.

Ice versus heat

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An apple stands on some books, on the teacher's desk. In Las Vegas!

Professional development, Functional Dry Needling

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Two runners make their way up a hill cross country on a cold winter day in Victoria

The importance of warming up

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The tiles from the bottom of a swimming pool with a dolphin design.

Getting comfortable with swimming can be a journey

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