A swimmer takes a stroke on a dark cloudy day of lake training

Treatment for high performance athletes

Whether you’re a triathlete or a sprinter or a record holder in the clean and jerk, your performance and your recovery from injury relies on the team of experts at your disposal.

We work with athletes

Stress and recovery

Bring more expertise to your stress and recovery schedule by layering in treatment.

Injury prevention

Ensure your growth is comprehensive to prevent imbalance, undiscovered weakness and performance halting injuries.

Injury rehabilitation

Understand your injury and get clear on how to protect and heal it. Effective treatment can mean the difference between making your next competition and your next win.

Treatments for athletes

Athletic Testing


Bike fit

Orthotics for athletes


Women and practitioners celebrate International Women's Day at the clinic by wearing purple.

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s day to all the amazing women out there! We’re wearing purple to show our support! As a women-owned and operated small business, we strive to empower every…