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Which Health Insurance companies do you submit for?

A: Pacific Blue Cross, Medavie Blue Cross (Blue Cross and VAC), Great-West Life, Sun Life, Manulife, and Chamber of Commerce.

Will your clinic submit for an ICBC claim?

A: Yes, we can submit ICBC claims for Chiropractic and Physiotherapy patients. Please come prepared with your:

  1.  active claim number,
  2. date of accident,
  3. adjuster and/or lawyer information.

How do I know if my ICBC claim is active or not?

A: This can be checked on the ICBC website.

Will there be a patient fee associated with my ICBC visits?

A: Yes, we are only able to submit part of your treatment cost to ICBC. The patient fee will depend on the length and treatment during the appointment.

How many visits will be covered for my ICBC claim?

A: This depends on your injury and conversations with your adjuster. Please refer to the ICBC claims page for more details.

Will your clinic submit for a Work Safe BC (WSBC/WCB) claim?

A: No, our clinic does not cover Work Safe BC claims.

Will your clinic submit for MSP Premium Assistance?

A: Yes, to check if you are eligible for this coverage we will need your Personal Health Number/Date of Birth or you may check your MSP Premium Assistance status.

How many visits do I get with MSP Premium Assistance?

A: 10 visits per calendar year in total.

Why did I pay full price for an appointment when I have Pacific Blue Cross or Medavie Blue Cross?

A: Usually, because the calendar year has reset a deductible or the maximum for your plan has been reached. For full plan details please visit your member login for:


What services does your clinic offer?

A: We provide physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, orthotics and more. You can find out on our services page.

Can I get an orthotics assessment through your clinic?

A: Yes, we do orthotics assessment, you can learn more and book here.

How are your orthotics made and will they be covered by my insurance?

A: Our orthotics are made by 3Dmaxx/Foam/Plaster Casts/Slipper Casts. If you are looking for confirmation regarding orthotics coverage, please call your extended health provider as they will be able to provide you with your plan specifics.

Do you have an anti-gravity treadmill?

A: No, in fact we have very few machines as we specialize in hands-on, manual therapy across all disciplines.
Fact: All of our practitioners use manual therapy techniques for treatment.

I am sore after my appointment yesterday. Is this normal?

A: Yes, after having soft tissue work during an appointment expect inflammation to the area and to be sore the days following your appointment.

What type of treatment should I get?

A: Unfortunately, this is something that is best diagnosed by a practitioner. Either by booking in for a visit with one of our staff (Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Massage) or by seeing a medical doctor.

Arriving for my appointment

Do you have parking spaces nearby?

A: Yes, we have on street parking in front of our clinic (60 mins) and along the Oak Bay Avenue (90 mins).

Is it required to fill in the intake paperwork emailed to me?

A: Yes, if you are a new patient we require our intake form to completed prior to your appointment. If you are unable to fill it in before your appointment date, we ask that you arrive 10-15 mins early to complete it in the clinic.

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