Knee bracing

Remember when stairs didn’t hurt? How about standing up from a crouch?

An inside look at the patented technology of the Spring Loaded knee brace.

We can help you get active again

Arthritis in the knee can have a huge negative impact on your life. Movement can be a critical part of our wellbeing. And we can help you reclaim it.

Get active, stay healthy

The Spring Loaded Technology Custom Knee Brace is the first and only knee brace capable of reducing pressure across the entire knee. Its powerful spring system equips it to treat pain caused by all osteoarthritis (OA) patterns, including difficult-to-treat conditions such as multicompartmental OA or patellofemoral OA.

Spring Loaded knee brace in black with a white background.

These knee braces reduce weight and reduce pain

Spring Loaded OA uses patented spring technology to lift weight off your knee and relieve joint pain so you can do more of what you love. The lightweight, low-profile frame knee brace design sits entirely on the back of the leg, while comfortable straps hug the front of your leg to prevent slipping and ensure an optimal fit.

When you bend your knees, liquid springs located in the Spring Pack absorb energy and reduce painful knee forces. During extension, the springs release that energy, reducing pain and powering the legs.

As a result, weight-bearing movements like squatting, going up and down stairs, and rising from a seated position are easier and less painful to perform.

Evidence-driven knee brace

90% of patients have arthritis in more than one compartment of the knee. This brace is designed to reduce forces throughout the whole knee.

90% have arthritis in more than one compartment of the knee.