Kristen Bradley, Registered Massage Therapist

Kristen is a Registered Massage Therapist and has been living in Victoria for the past two years. Since moving her practice and passion to Victoria, Kristen enjoys her new west coast home, the beautiful surroundings and active community that Victoria has to offer. Kristen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Indiana University where she competed on a NCAA swimming scholarship. With 16 years of competitive swimming under her belt, as well as being a member of the Canadian National team, earning 3 National titles and 2 world cup titles, Kristen understands what it means to strive for optimal physical and mental health.

Since retiring from the sport, Kristen enjoys yoga, playing soccer and exploring the island among other activities, spending much of her spare time on the gulf islands. Kristen also coaches youth at a local swim club and loves spending time coaching kids.

Kristen has clinical experience ranging from clinics-specializing in multiple neurological disorders, to multiple post-operative scar tissue, pregnancy, and sports clinics. She is also well versed in numerous manual and treatment therapies including myofascial techniques, dynamic release, general Swedish techniques, hydrotherapy, muscle energy techniques, and joint mobilizations. With her understanding on a multitude of treatment therapies, Kristen has a broad knowledge of the positive effects and benefits that Massage Therapy has to offer and she enjoys treating a broad spectrum of health concerns.

Her joy and passion in helping others reach their optimal health is evident in her work and she takes pride in being a part of her clients’ journeys toward enjoyable living and well being!

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Kirsten Bradley, RMT, in Victoria, Vancouver Island

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