Lena Walther, MPT, BScKin

Lena is an honoured recipient of the National Orthopaedic Division award and the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists award. She completed her Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia, where she supported the UBC Ravens rugby team as a student physio. She graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelors of Science, Honours, in Kinesiology. During her time at UVic, she conducted research in the Theoretical and Applied Neuroscience Laboratory to complete her thesis.

Lena has successfully completed the Level 1 exam in the Orthopaedic Division advanced integrated musculoskeletal physiotherapy and plans to pursue higher levels in the future. She also recently completed a non-internal introductory pelvic floor course, and will continue to advance her education in regards to pelvic health.

Lena has always enjoyed living an active lifestyle, and completed her first half marathon in the summer of 2019. Prior to the pandemic, you could find her strength training at the gym or going to a spin class; due to the numerous challenges Covid has presented, she has shifted her focus to circuit training at home or running around beautiful Victoria. When she’s not exercising, Lena enjoys baking and creating anatomy related art. Lena is planning on participating in another half marathon next summer, and an area of passion in her practice is treating running related injuries. 

Always having a keen interest in research, Lena starts her morning with a coffee and a physiotherapy related research article to ensure she is always providing her clients with the most up-to-date, evidence-based treatments and education. Increasing her client’s self-efficacy is always an emphasis in Lena’s practice, along with providing education, exercise and manual therapy. 

Lena Walther, physiotherapist from UBC.
Lena Walther, Physiotherapist

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