Libby graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. She has a hands on, manual therapy approach to treatment and believes in getting to the root of problems to help avoid future injuries. She follows a holistic, individual approach and works with each patient towards achieving positive outcomes.

Since graduating she has broadened her base of available treatments to include acupuncture, using traditional meridians to help relieve pain and promote healing. She is also certified in Pilates mat work levels 1-3 by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute and incorporates this knowledge into her treatment programmes.

Most recently Libby became a ConnectTherapy™ graduate involving use of the Thoracic Ring Approach. This strengthened her belief of getting to the root of a problem and ensuring that with any injury the whole picture is being taken into consideration.

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Libby Meaking, physiotherapist, standing at Foul Bay Road and Oak Bay Ave.
Libby Meakin, Registered Physiotherapist.

A woman is at the centre of the photo facing us on her paddle board. She is on a lake with large evergreen trees all along the shore.

West Coast life at Matheson Lake

Happy as a dolphin (very happy). #mathesonlake #paddlepaddle #getoutdoors #westcoastlife ...
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A group of 8 people in summer clothes standing on a white boat that says "Jumping Jack Flash" on the side. Behind them there is a mountain covered in green trees and a blue sky. All are smiling down at the camera.

Kicking off Summer at Shuswap Lake

Kicking off the summer with this bunch! Loved getting outside for some boating on Shuswap Lake - can we stay forever?? ...
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A woman does a strength building exercise at the gym while her coach watches carefully.

Safety and good form among the benefits of strength training with a coach

Squat, deadlift, bench press and seated row – does the thought of these movements fill you with a sweaty gym fear? There are a lot of barriers that we can ...
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Libby Meakin on vacation in Autumn, on Vancouver Island.

Autumn update, professional development, and what to expect from ConnectTherapy™

I'm loving this autumnal spell but how did it get to October! Can’t believe I’ve already had my annual pumpkin spiced latte to say hi to the new weather, and ...
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Four wooden lawn chairs on a sandy beach under a weeping willow tree looking out onto a blue body of water with green trees on the other side. The sky is blue.

Chilly Salt Spring Training

October morning swim ✔️ Burning skin from the cold ✔️ Feeling awesome ✔️ Beautiful gulf island experience at St. Mary's Lake Resort. ✔️ Time for a hot shower! ...
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Libby Meakin and 87 year old Mo at the top of the Grouse Grind

Meeting Mo on the Grouse Grind

Meet Mo. He's 87. I had the pleasure of meeting 87 year old Mo at the top of the Grouse Grind. Passed him close to the top and felt I ...
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CRD map of trails and accessibility in the Great Victoria area.

User friendly trails in the Greater Victoria area

We are getting some amazing weather! I am personally loving the lake swims and sunshine. But it can be hard to stay active if it’s too hot outside. This can ...
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Paintings by John Bramblitt

“Superhumans” and extraordinary powers

Are some people superhuman or are the rest of us just not tapping into our potential? Lawrence D. Rosenblum is a Professor of Psychology at the University of California. See ...
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A practitioner presses on a patients neck and trap as part of discovery and treatment.

Professional development with ConnectTherapy in Vancouver

I know what happened to you but why? I know that you have (insert your injury here) but your knee/shoulder/lower back, etc., is the victim in this scenario. How exactly ...
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A close up of a microscope, in a healthcare lab.

Weight bias and effective treatment

Unfortunately, there is some American research that suggests that some patients don't receive optimal care in various healthcare settings because of their size. Healthcare practitioners who judge a patient to ...
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A parachute with many inflated cells moves through the air.

Skydiving on Vancouver Island for my 30th

I turned 30 this week and to celebrate had planned to throw myself out of a plane at 10000 feet. Sadly on Saturday morning it was too overcast and my ...
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A weight lifter gets ready to perform a squat at the gym

Strength training with Mark Posten

Just before Christmas last year my lovely husband got me personal training sessions – and the strengthening began. I wanted to start training and get stronger to make sure I ...
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