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Madi Campbell, MScPT, BScKin

Madi Campbell graduated from the University of Alberta with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy in 2021. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with Great Distinction and Honours from the University of Saskatchewan in 2018.

She is passionate about rehabilitation and human movement. Madi strives to equip patients with the necessary skills to improve their performance, recover from injuries, or strengthen to manage their condition. 

Madi has a special interest in endurance sport as both a participating athlete and physio. She ran for the cross-country team in university and completed several half and full marathon races. After completing a few triathlons over the last few years, she is currently training to complete her first full Ironman triathlon in Arizona this winter.

Originating from Saskatchewan, but having lived in and travelled to various provinces and countries, she is excited to start a new season on the Island. Madi enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, swimming, and running. If not participating in any of those, she is likely to be found accompanied by her Bernese x Aussie puppy, Sprout!

Madi Campbell, physiotherapist, smiles wearing her cool glasses, while her hair blows around her face.
Madi Campbell, MScPT, BScKin

Athletic background

“Because of Sandy’s own athletic background she brings both a deeper sense of what is going on and the sense of urgency that most people feel when they are injured. When you have something wrong you just want to get on with it. Sandy has an incredible feel for what is going on and how to fix it.”

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In good hands

“Thank you so much. You’re all so amazing, even during this difficult time. You are in good hands there.”

Markus Schnell
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