Olivia Gerber is our office manager. She schedules our clients and coordinates the practitioners. If you come to Arbutus you will be greeted by Olivia’s smiling eyes. She has worked as a service professional for her working life. She was the assistant manager at two previous retail locations and has an obsession for organizing things.

She is central to our community engagement and also our social media plan. Olivia runs the desk. She likes going to the gym/walking around the community and loves to dance.

She is a local from Victoria, British Columbia. Olivia has studied linguistics and social sciences. She loves languages; she speaks German and dabbles in French and Japanese. She spent a year in Switzerland on exchange and loves to travel.

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Olivia Gerber at the inner harbour in Victoria, BC.
Olivia Gerber, health clinic office manager.

Olivia put her hood up as the rain starts on Oak Bay Ave, beside Red Barn.

Grocery shopping at Red Barn, on Oak Bay Ave.

After work grocery shopping at Red Barn Market with co-workers! So happy we're neighbours, Red Barn. Everyone is out and about this evening on Oak Bay Ave. #NotRainingYet #NowItIsRaining ...
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A close up of a dandelion ready to spread it's seeds.

A rough guide to insurance at a health clinic, part 1

We get a lot of questions about insurance here. “Do you take x?” “Can you direct bill for y?” “Why did it only cover that much?” Well I'm going to ...
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A massage therapist presses and holds the trapezius muscles around a patients back and neck.

Eight reasons why I love massage therapy

Once in a while I'll meet someone who is not really into getting massage as a therapy. When this happens I resist the impulse to sigh and explain why they're ...
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Flowers and gardens in Oak Bay

Five things I love about summer in Oak Bay

I love this island. I grew up on it here, not too far from Butchart Gardens. I went to Stelly’s Secondary School and now that I’m working and living in ...
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Socked feet poised to leap on the dance floor

Staying motivated to keep dancing

I've always wanted to dance. When I was 19, I worked up the courage to start. Previously I had been intimidated by other dancers that were "pro." But I started ...
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