Pelvic floor health

A woman stretches her leg after a yoga session in the park.

One in three women in Canada, has some form of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – impacting their lives in many ways. With the help of physiotherapy, patients receive tremendous results and can effectively get back to life.

Physiotherapy for pelvic floor health

Jacqueline McAllister is a pelvic floor physiotherapist. This kind of physio is effective in treating a wide variety of core functions related to the pelvic floor, including:

  • pelvic floor injuries
  • post-partum
  • rectus diastasis
  • pregnancy
  • pelvic floor injuries
  • muscle weakness
  • tightness post childbirth
  • vaginismus
  • incontinence
  • chronic pain
  • sexual dysfunction

Bladder control problems

After giving birth, women can experience bladder control changes. A sneeze, cough, or laugh, can produce a “whoops” moment. Sometimes, people feel a strong urge to pee and have a very short time to run to the bathroom.

Some women report knowing where every single bathroom in their area is located. They pack extra clothing ‘just in case’.

Are you anxious about going out, or not knowing where the next bathroom will be?

We can help you regain your confidence

Bladder control challenges are treatable. We can show you how to win back your ease. Whether it’s getting back in the gym, or going out with friends, it feels good to be in control. Get in touch.

It’s not just an issue for recent moms

Pelvic health affects many people. Pelvic dysfunction is very common. But because pelvic health functions include: bladder, bowels, babies – pregnancy and post delivery, pelvic pain and sometimes intercourse, pelvic health is a topic that can be of deep discomfort for many. There is shame, and hesitance to talk about many common pelvic health challenges.

In Pelvic Health Physiotherapy the goal is to address your concerns, get things working, and get you back to living your life.

“There was a moment in the half marathon, when I looked up and saw a sign that read ‘put your hand if you peed yourself,’ and I put my hand up! And I wasn’t the only one.”

A young athletes stands covered in sweat and chalk at Inspire Sports Victoria.

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