Nice environment and friendly staff members

“I had a frozen shoulder for over 3 months. My shoulder had been in constant pain, and the mobility had been getting worse and worse. I found a Physiotherapy clinic close to my home. The Physiotherapist only pushed my arm with a single finger and verified my shoulder pain. She then used the rest of the session to educate me on frozen shoulders. Finally, she told me that my situation was not good and that I might need to find a specialist or get surgery…

I decide to try another Physiotherapist. I followed Google reviews and found Arbutus Physiotherapy & Health Center because it has an abundance of 5 star reviews. I made an appointment with Jessica Cadangan, and I was lucky to meet up with her. She is marvellous.

Jessica was very nice and professional. She asked me questions, and carefully checked my shoulder. Jessica treated my shoulder and loosened my tightened muscles. She answered my questions while explaining what was to be expected after the treatment. She also made a plan for me… After the visit, for the first time since last three months, my shoulder felt better.

Arbutus also impressed me. It has nice environment and friendly staff members. Their website is easy to access, and I can login to my account with everything there. In addition to that, the appointment is able to added to my phone’s calendar conveniently.

I highly recommend Arbutus and Jessica Cadangan.”

Yu Deng