Sophia Chadwick, MPT

Sophia graduated from the University of Toronto in Social Anthropology back in 2010. Before deciding where she wanted her career to take her, she spent a few years as a competitive age-group triathlete. After a series of injuries set her back from racing, she decided her true passion was to be a physiotherapist (having spent a fair bit of time with her own!). She quickly applied to the Masters of Physical Therapy program at The University of British Columbia and has since graduated.

Using a hands on, manual therapy approach, Sophia looks at the whole person to determine the root cause of any injury. She has seen first-hand how an injury has the possibility to derail a person’s entire being and so strives to work together as a team with the client to obtain optimal performance results. She believes in the importance of prehab versus rehab and enjoys educating her clients on the intricate ways in which our nervous system, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, all work together to allow us to achieve the incredible things we can. Sophia has a special interest in sport related injuries, chronic pain, and canine rehab.

When not working at the clinic or the hospital, she can be found training for some crazy adventure race, hiking with her dog, or cheering on her fellow triathletes.

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Sophia Chadwick, physiotherapist at Arbutus Physio