Taelor is currently studying English and Psychology, working toward a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Victoria. She plans to pursue education and ultimately, curriculum development. Taelor loves to write, teaches ESL locally on a voluntary basis, and enjoys spending time with people in and out of the office.

Taelor is a dancer and half marathon runner, and is currently training for her first full marathon this fall. She started dancing when she was six years old, and has been involved with ballet, jazz and contemporary/lyrical recreationally and competitively for fourteen years. Taelor can be found volunteering at community sporting events in her spare time.

Taelor would love to meet you and answer all of your questions.

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Taelor stands on a rock outcropping in Oak Bay with the ocean and an island in a background.

Dispatches by Taelor

Rae, the last jedi, does her morning jedi knight practice, with Luke Skywalker in the background.

Morning rituals we (almost) can’t live without

Mornings can be tricky. And changing habits can be hard. Here's a few morning tricks that we like. 1. Exercise This doesn’t mean we run a 10K every morning, or ...
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Old guy pours olive oil over his dressing!

Some summer recipes that we love

There’s nothing quite like the fresh fruits, veggies, salads and drinks that are so often paired with hot summery days! From local produce to icy drinks, summer is a great ...
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A woman runs down the middle of the road during a half marathon.

Three ways signing up for a half marathon changed my life

First of all, I am not (and have never aspired to be) a professional athlete. Although physical activity and fitness have always been important to me, anyone who asked me ...
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