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We care about your performance. We know you do too. So we’re launching new performance testing services.

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Gait Analysis 

For beginning endurance athletes or experienced racers, having a better understating of efficiency and economy of movement is one of the keys to injury prevention and improved performance.  

Let our gait analysis help you find your most efficient stride:

  • video testing on our Woodway treadmill,
  • instant feedback via video analysis and coaching expertise.

Fitness Consultation

Mike has given guidance and helped many ordinary people find their inner athlete and achieve extraordinary goals. Whether looking to complete your first 5k or your first Ironman, Mike can help set you in the right direction and give you the wisdom and motivation to get started down the path to greater fitness. 

Coaching Association of Canada

Fitness Assessment 

The willingness to train is imperative in order to reach your goals. 

Knowing the most direct route to success and checking in to make sure that you are improving under your current training regime is essential.  

Let our lactate testing and functional threshold power testing give you the knowledge to set proper training and racing zones on both the bike and run:  

  • lactate testing on H3 Direct Drive Trainer or Treadmill via portable lactate testing machine. (Coming soon),
  • Functional Threshold Test using your own bike on our H3 Direct Drive Trainer. 

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