TPI Physical Screen for golfing excellence

The TPI Physical Screen introduces a revolutionary approach to elevate your golf game, aiming to lower your handicap and maintain injury-free performance. The goal is to use this physical assessment to achieve a more refined swing and reduce your handicap while safeguarding against injuries, securing a more enjoyable and successful journey on the course.

TPI physical screen

A thorough physical screen is conducted by a skilled, certified physiotherapist (and yes, you can submit this under health insurance). This screen evaluates your “Body-Swing Connection™”: the interplay between mobility and stability throughout your body. The outcome will identify limitations or areas of concern that could be impacting your swing. 

12 key golf swing characteristics

Our analysis covers 12 essential swing characteristics, including posture, alignment, backswing, downswing, impact, and follow-through. By examining your body’s movement capabilities through the physical screen, we can identify how limitations may be impacting these key swing characteristics.1 

Assessment of movement patterns

We assess the movement patterns that make up your swing, identifying any inconsistencies or biomechanical imbalances that might be affecting your performance.

16 movement-based mini-tests

There are 16 mini-tests that target specific movements relevant to golf. These tests highlight physical areas that can be addressed through golf-specific exercises, such as hip mobility, shoulder rotation, and core stability.


  1. This is a movement analysis screen and not a golf swing assessment. Potential clients should be aware that this is a physical movement screen that looks at the components of movement that make up a golf swing to identify physical limitations in the body that may be impacting the swing. Although this is not a swing assessment, the results of the screen will be provided to each client and can be shared with a golf pro to use in conjunction with swing assessment should they desire.