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12-Week Race Training Clinic for both:

A triathlete powers through a swim stroke in the pool during a triathlon.

Try a Triathlon, 2023

Arbutus Physiotherapy is pleased to announce we will be offering our first TRY-A-TRIATHLON Clinic for the Triathlon of Compassion, a great starter triathlon with sprint and team options! You get:

  • 12 week program that culminates with participants racing at the Triathlon of Compassion on June 26th
  • Biomechanical Bike Fit
  • Running Analysis
  • Group Swim Coaching
  • 9 group training sessions
  • Race Training Program
  • meet and greet information session

All interested participants can register now by giving us a call

Registrants must also register for the Tri of Compassion. This race registration cost is not covered in the cost of the clinic.

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