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Physiotherapy Canada Journal

Physiotherapy Canada journal cover: Volume 68 Number 4 Fall 2016

Physiotherapy Canada is a leading evidence-based journal of physiotherapy. International in scope, the journal publishes the results of qualitative and quantitative research including “systematic reviews, meta analyses, meta syntheses, public/health policy research, clinical practice guidelines, and case reports.”

Founded in 1923, Physiotherapy Canada meets the diverse needs of national and international readers and serves as a key repository of inquiries, evidence and advances in the practice of physiotherapy.

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Physiotherapy at Arbutus 

Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia

Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia

Physiotherapy is a holistic approach to healthcare lead by practitioners dedicated to working with people to maximize their ability to move and function throughout their life. In British Columbia, you can see a physiotherapist without a doctor’s referral. – Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia

Physiotherapists can help you with:

  • Promoting optimal mobility, physical activity and overall health and wellness;
  • Preventing disease, injury, and disability;
  • Managing acute and chronic conditions, activity limitations, and participation restrictions;
  • Improving and maintaining optimal functional independence and physical performance;
  • Rehabilitating injury and the effects of disease or disability with therapeutic exercise programs and other interventions; and
  • Educating and planning maintenance and support programs to prevent re-occurrence, re-injury or functional decline.

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