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Staying fit and healthy

As I prepare for my last big triathlon race of the season, Miami 70.3 on October 25th, I’m reflecting on the meaning of “fit” and “healthy”.

I’ve been a competitive age group triathlete for almost a decade now and I can confidently say I’m almost always fit. Unfortunately, this has not always meant I’ve been healthy.

I’ve experienced a number of injuries over the years and during those times I wasn’t feeling healthy. Injuries not only stop us from doing what we love to do but they can wreak havoc on our mental well-being. Pain is exhausting, depressing and can send even the most positive of people into a bit of a tail spin.

For me, this season was about being fit and healthy.

I trained hard right from the beginning of the season to prepare for an early season race in March on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. This was a fantastic race with 22 of my teammates from Human Powered Racing. I was FIT and injury-free!

A team of triathletes pose in the sunshine beside the glistening ocean with their drinks and sunglasses

Oliver Half Triathlon Medal 2015On the heals of that race I started preparing for the Oliver Half Ironman. On June 7th, my teammate and I endured temperatures of 38 degrees Celsius to complete this beautiful race in the South Okanagan… injury-free!

After a much needed week off training in the middle of June I was into another hard training block in preparation for one of my favorite local races, The Sri Chinmoy Triathlon at Elk Lake. Once again, I made it to the start line fit and healthy and finished with a personal best at this race.

I’ve competed four times in this race!

Sandy Wilson and others stand in front of the Self Transcendence Triathlon banner.

What made the difference this season compared to previous years of training and racing?

I followed the advice I have given my patients for fifteen years:

  1. strengthened my core,
  2. stabilized my hips,
  3. stretched,
  4. got physio,
  5. had a massage regimen,
  6. saw a sports chiropractor, and
  7. followed a training program designed around build and recovery phases.

It’s a lot, because triathlon is a lot. But no matter what your activity is, please stay fit and healthy so you can continue to play!

As for me, I have four days until my next race. Miami is waiting. Bye for now!