Support the Bolt Classic Golf Fundraiser, Thursday, October 8th

The Bolt Classic Golf Fundraiser is happening on Thursday, October 8th at the Valley Course at 1:00PM …

You can also find Veronica on Instagram (she’s new there).

In one week the First Annual Bolt Classic Golf Fundraiser will be kicking off at the Bear Mountain Golf Club.

This Fundraiser is named for Tanelle Bolt. She became paralyzed from the waist down last summer during an unfortunate accident. To help assist in her recovery, she’s organizing a golf tournament. She’s raising money to send herself to Project Walk in San Diego.

I’ve known Tanelle for a year and I’m inspired by her resilience. This last year has been a difficult journey, but she has shown grit and grace at every stage. Here she is in San Diego during her first and last visit to Project Walk six months ago.

Tanelle at Project Walk in San Diego.

I’m new to Instagram, but she’s been posting photos there and you can actually see her journey. Please do consider supporting her fundraiser and enjoy a round of Golf surrounded by community.

On the road to recovery #tanellesjourney

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Hear more about Tanelle’s accident

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