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World Spine Day! #yourbackatwork

Happy Friday everyone. And happy World Spine Day!

We are joining with the Canadian Chiropractic Association and inviting everyone to think about spine health and especially about our collective awareness of our backs at work.

But we’re also joining with chiropractors and health professionals from all around the world to invite everyone to rise up. Literally. Just a smidge higher for World Spine Day 2015, and every day after.

This is from the Tokyo College of Chiropractic.


Here’s a spine selfie from Nordic Health Finland.

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Dr. Veronica Hewstan says: “Good posture will prevent back aches and muscle pains, and decrease wear and tear on your joints. It will also help you to look and feel even better than you already do!”

And here’s a couple of dogs taking a work break to improve their posture in Vic West. Posture, people!

Two dogs hunching and not hunching