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Running competitively at 76

Sandra Davies was inspired to make a change in her life. She never did anything athletic until she was 57.

She’s a later-in-life athlete. She was motivated to live longer, and more vibrantly in order to have a fuller relationship with her grandchild after she had a small heart attack. As a life long drinker and smoker, she made many changes.

Working with a physiotherapist was instrumental.

She has been diagnosed as having severe osteoarthritis in her lower back. She describes in this short video how she became a “partner in her own physical therapy and how the strengthening exercises have allowed her to continue to stay active, to run and to run competitively. She has over fifty medals and her physiotherapist helps to “keep her on track.”

“I do it because I can… I do it because I like to win the medals!” – Sandra Davies