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Recovering from knee surgery (part 1)

Written by Mike Neill. Mike is a triathlete and Head Coach at Human Powered Racing.


As a coach I use the term quite a bit when talking to athletes. I prefer to use the term when describing recovery from training, but unfortunately there are times when it refers to injuries as well. Recovery from injuries takes a lot of patience and perseverance and it comes in two forms: physical and mental.

Recovering from an injury is something that almost all athletes have to go through at some point in their sporting careers, regardless of their age, proficiency at sport or their level of competition. From the weekend warrior who develops a sore shoulder to the professional athlete who blows out a knee, there are certain steps that must be taken to ensure not only a fast return to ones chosen sport or form of exercise but a complete recovery from that injury. You want to ensure that the injured area is not only healed, but stronger than it was before.

Over my athletic career I have had many small injuries (way too many to list) and a few big ones (broken clavicle, broken hand, dislocated kneecap) that have needed the collective care of a great team; physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists and physiotherapists. If it weren’t for the strong team around me I would not still be competing 44 years into a life revolving around sport.

If there is one thing that is valuable to a long career it is making sure that you have a trusted group around you who are not only great at their professions, but that understand the mindset of an athlete.

If your doctor, massage therapist, physiotherapist, or chiropractor is an athlete, it is a real bonus. They will understand your desire to return to sport and do what you love.

This brings me to a significant cross road in my career as not only an athlete, but as a coach that trains and competes with his athletes.

Recently I was diagnosed with a tear in the lateral meniscus of my left knee. The decision to have it repaired was something that I contemplated for a few days, but with the great team I had around me the decision to have the surgery was actually quite easy.

Once the decision was made I thought of the recovery like I thought of getting ready for a race and a detailed plan was put in motion.

In part two, Mike will explain his recovery plan.