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Story of recovery, by Dr. Alan Vukusic, Emergency Room Doctor

Dr. Vukusic was injured in a snowmobile accident. He consulted with his colleagues at the ER and discovered that he had a disc protrusion in his neck. His story is, in part, about his return to strength and confidence and the joy of returning to an active family life.

But his story is also about the worry and concern he felt along the journey of recovery, especially after surgery. You can sense some of his emotion when he recalls that “it’s pretty humbling to realize you have an injury in your neck that could threaten so much about the way you go about life.”

And it’s a gratifying recognition of what we do when he recalls the instrumental role of physio in his recuperation.

Stay safe friends. But also, keep doing. Keep going. Keep moving. And let us help you keep on keeping on.

We love his story because it reminds us that sometimes people, even healthcare professionals, forget or simply don’t know that we can help them.

“I’ve been through med school and I didn’t know that these layers of muscles [in your neck] were that important. To have someone to know the fine details of things that can make a difference – you just have no idea how far that set me ahead with finding mobility and strength and the confidence to carry on and get on with life. And my kids are happy about that…”