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Working within a multi-disciplinary healthcare team

I have been a physiotherapist for 18 years now. WOW….that is hard for me to believe!

I definitely have a passion for helping people reach their health goals and live a pain-free life style. I am also blessed to work with an amazing group of healthcare practitioners all under one roof.

As a physio, I generally approach an injury from a certain prospective and with my clinical experience I have solid assessment and treatment skills. Having said that, not a week goes by in my practice that I don’t learn something new from one of the other practitioners. Whether it be one of the other physios, our chiropractor or our registered massage therapists. Each professional looks at things through a slightly different lens and this can be key in helping a patient reach their full potential.

All the practitioners at Arbutus run busy practices so at times we only see each other as we pass in the reception area. To allow more collaboration and mentorship we have started some new sharing practices. One fun new tradition at our clinic is something we call Wine Wednesday. Once a month we all come together on a Wednesday night to share a glass of wine and “talk shop”. It gives a chance to learn from one another and catch up as colleagues and friends.

What does your team do to connect and skill share? Let me know!