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We see athletes everywhere

We are continually impressed with the dedication and commitment to performance that our clients have. This is true of the athletes we treat. And this is also true of the people we treat, who do not identify as athletes.

They don’t always realize just how, well, athletic, they are. They don’t win medals.

So we’ve been asking around. We’ve been asking our friends and colleagues and family members about the athletic non-athletes in their life.

And we’ve heard some cool stories. Here’s a few.


“My brother woke up every morning, very early, to haul feed for the animals. It was very heavy, physical work. In the winter, he would wear wool mittens because he would get his hands wet hauling the water, and he would have to break the ice, and the wool would keep his hands warmer. It was my job to make sure he always had knitted wool mittens to wear. He was strong. He just woke up every day and did his chores.”


“When I became a teacher, I had no idea how much standing I would have to do. It’s not exactly an Olympic sport, but I have seriously become so strong at standing all day. Who knew that I would get thighs of iron by standing in front of a class?”

Knee replacements:

“When my mom had both of her knees replaced I was very worried for her mobility. But she had been walking around in pain for so many years. She would grit her teeth to climb the stairs and I just keep thinking, ‘jeebus, she is tough as nails.’ The winter following her knee surgery she sent me photos of her and my dad logging trees at the back of their property in thigh-high snow and I thought it again. ‘Jeebus, she is tough.'”

Giving birth:

“My sister’s first pregnancy was a marathon. And her labour was a marathon too. To this day whenever I watch a race [triathlon] I think of the women who labour for hours and hours giving birth and wonder who is the greater athlete.

Do you know people who amaze and inspire you? Let us know. We would love to hear your stories of everyday athleticism.