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From professional hockey, to competitive tennis, to keeping up with family

Athletes are always searching for the technologies and the techniques to get the most out of their schedules, to supplement and extend their training and to improve their growth. Physiotherapy can play a major preventative role for athletes that are pushing and risking injury as a result of their training and high performance activities.

But also, sometimes life is about keeping up with your kids. And this can a remarkably similar process. Physiotherapy can help with this too.

In the video below, Garry Valk, former NHL Player for the Vancouver Canucks, tells us about life as a professional athlete. And he also tells us about life as a parent.

His daughter, Alli Valk, is a national tennis player and his wife and other children are very active. So part of his decision to keep moving is to simply keep up with his family.

“I sprained my ankle really bad right before provincials and I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to play and I was going to miss Nationals. But when I saw Tara, my physio, she used deep tissue massage and the ultrasound and everything and she got me right back to playing and it was really great. – Alli Valk, competitive tennis player