How physiotherapy helped Brittany Frey fly again

When pilots badly injure their bodies, their careers as pilots can be put at risk. Brittany Frey tells us about recovering so she could fly again…

Life happens. When it does, the things that we rely on, that form the ground of our lives, can move suddenly into the fore. When this happens, we’re left wondering and worrying.

“Everything is connected and my physio helped me and walked me through it and helped me fix all the little things that came up and I realized you can’t just heal a bone and not walk for five months and expect everything to be okay.”

The things we love to do can be put at risk. Something as seemingly simple as walking can become a question mark.

Sometimes it’s our very careers that are put in jeopardy. When Brittany Frey broke her leg, she worried that she would never work as a pilot again. While she was healing, her leg muscles atrophied and she developed related body challenges.

Seeing a physiotherapist helped her to recover her strength and mobility. And confidence.


Posted by Arbutus Health Team

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