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BC Chiropractic charter of rights

Like all chiropractors in BC, Dr. Mike Gotuaco is a member of the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia. And all BC Chiropractors subscribe to the chiropractic patients charter of rights.

We think patient rights are important, and we also think charters are cool, so we thought we would publish the charter of rights here!

All patients have the right to:

  1. be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect
  2. receive chiropractic care without discrimination and based solely on their health condition
  3. provide or refuse consent to treatment at any time
  4. participate in decisions regarding their chiropractic care
  5. receive clear information from the chiropractor providing care about:
    1. their diagnosis, prognosis and the proposed treatment plan
    2. other options for care
    3. any significant risks to the proposed treatment plan and other options
  6. receive ongoing, clear updates about their progress, and if appropriate, a referral or recommendation for alternate treatment
  7. know the identity and professional status of any individual providing care to them
  8. withdraw from care at any time
  9. consult with or seek care from any other health care practitioner, including another chiropractor
  10. access their treatment records
  11. have their personal and health information protected from disclosure, and understand when and why health information may be disclosed
  12. refuse to participate in any research project, clinical training program or data gathering process

Dr. Mike Gotuaco can answer any questions you have about your rights as a patient, or you can contact the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia!