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We’ve been nominated for a Top Choice Award

We discovered recently that we’ve qualified as an Official Nominee for the 2018 Top Choice Award Survey. Apparently Top Choice Awards received nominations from people in 27 cities across North America this year. We’re proud to say that we were within the top three businesses in our industry here in Victoria.

We’re not totally sure what it all means, but we’re very happy to be acknowledged. Every member of our team is committed to excellence. And the people we treat are at the centre of our world. And we’re hard workers.

So it feels good when our communities notice.

Our owner and founder, Sandy Wilson, said, “We were surprised to discover that we were nominated as one of the top Physiotherapy clinics for 2018. And we’re honoured!” In past years, Synergy Health Centre and Shelbourne Physiotherapy have been winners. “We’re pleased to be seen providing quality care like Synergy and Shelbourne Physiotherapy.”

Voting is open until January 2nd, 2018. You can vote for us at!

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Top Choice Award Nominee 2016