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Running & walking ideas for injury prevention

Here’s a few running & walking tips to prevent injury, alleviate pain and keep you moving for life.

If your feet are happy, you’re happy

The proper shoe can help maximize your efficiency and minimize your risk of injury. Try on many then select the shoe with the best shape for your foot. We can help you assess whether arch supports or custom orthotics are necessary to improve your gait.

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Be patient, your body will adjust

Start off slowly and build up your strength. If you have been injured or are new to walking and running, follow a graduated program to help build your body’s tolerance to the stresses of running and walking. Too much too soon can cause re-injury and unnecessary soreness.

Avoid overuse, avoid imbalance

Walkers and runners are prone to overuse injuries. These are often due to imbalances in strength and flexibility that you can correct through therapeutic exercises. Get in touch, we would be happy to create a program designed specifically for you.

Protect against ‘pops’ and ‘rolls’