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Professional development: Kinetic Link Training with Wayne Rodgers

Ashley and I spent the two days downtown Victoria studying some functional movement training – it always feels good to fit in some continuing education when we can.

We had the pleasure of learning directly from Wayne Rodgers who has a Master’s in Physiotherapy. He’s from Australia and has been working and studying in the field for thirty years, developing Kinetic Link Training.

We love the emphasis and the systems view on movement and movement patterns in the human body. Muscle isolation is a limited but too common paradigm in exercise and recovery. Bodies are complicated and for people with low back pain, or shoulder injuries, strengthen and conditioning need to be informed by movement patterns and can be a powerful part of recovery.

We had a blast and now we’re proudly certified in Strength and Conditioning Level One of Kinetic Link Training. Thank you Ashley for the fun and hard work this weekend!

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