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Vestibular (dizziness) assessment and treatment services

I am excited to announce that I am now offering vestibular (dizziness) assessment and treatment services at Arbutus Physiotherapy & Health Centre. We are conveniently located on Oak Bay Avenue right across from the Red Barn Market.

I have been practicing vestibular physiotherapy in Victoria since 2006 and am certified through Emory University in Atlanta. 

Dizziness is assessed using specialized equipment including eye examination by infrared camera. It is quantitative and correlates well with traditional medical measures of dizziness including vestibular function testing. It can be used to aid with medical diagnosis, including ruling out serious pathology and guiding medical treatment, and it can be used therapeutically. 

There is good evidence of the efficacy of vestibular therapy in treating almost all causes of subjective dizziness and imbalance.

This includes positional vertigo, dizziness due to peripheral infection or disease, imbalance and risk of falls due to ageing and issues with eye focus and double vision. 

Appropriate referrals include those suffering from BPPV, labrynthitis or neuritis, migraine related dizziness, Menieres disease, concussion, elderly at risk of falls, as well as a number of other issues. 

If you have questions, I am always happy to discuss vestibular therapy and those who could benefit. Contact us for more information!

A father reaches out to help his daughter balance on a hike by water.