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Unlock your swing potential with personalized physiotherapy insights

Uncover your true swing potential, improve performance, and protect against injury.

Arbutus Physiotherapy is happy to announce a new and exciting product for golfers living in and around the Greater Victoria area! Emily Jackson is Titleist Performance Institute Certified and will now be conducting TPI Physical Screens out of our clinic in Oak Bay. 

Titleist Performance Institute Certified logo.

The TPI Physical Screen introduces a revolutionary approach to elevate your golf game, aiming to lower your handicap and maintain injury-free performance. Meticulously crafted by the Titleist Performance Institute, this innovative tool goes beyond traditional analysis by providing a comprehensive evaluation of your physical capabilities, allowing us to address weaknesses, enhance strengths, and fine-tune your game. The goal is to use this physical assessment to achieve a more refined swing and reduce your handicap while safeguarding against injuries, securing a more enjoyable and successful journey on the course.

Key features of TPI Physical Screen

TPI Physical Screen: A thorough physical screen is conducted by a skilled, certified physiotherapist (and yes, you can submit this under health insurance). This screen evaluates your “Body-Swing Connection™”: the interplay between mobility and stability throughout your body. The outcome will identify limitations or areas of concern that could be impacting your swing. 

12 Key Swing Characteristics: Our analysis covers 12 essential swing characteristics, including posture, alignment, backswing, downswing, impact, and follow-through. By examining your body’s movement capabilities through the physical screen, we can identify how limitations may be impacting these key swing characteristics. 

Assessment of Movement Patterns: We assess the movement patterns that make up your swing, identifying any inconsistencies or biomechanical imbalances that might be affecting your performance.

16 Movement-Based Mini-Tests: There are 16 mini-tests that target specific movements relevant to golf. These tests highlight physical areas that can be addressed through golf-specific exercises, such as hip mobility, shoulder rotation, and core stability.

How it works: Initial evaluation

Schedule an appointment with our certified physiotherapist, Emily Jackson, for a TPI physical screen. This assessment lays the foundation for understanding your body’s capabilities and limitations. 

Comprehensive report

Receive a detailed report outlining your physical strengths and limitations, along with a breakdown of your swing characteristics. This report serves as the basis for creating a personalized improvement plan.

Exercise Prescription & Manual Therapy

Based on your assessment, we create a tailored exercise regimen targeting the specific physical areas identified as needing improvement. These exercises are designed to enhance your golf performance by addressing your individual needs, while manual therapy will be used to ease tension, enhance joint mobility, and address imbalances. This approach offers both immediate relief and lasting enhancements for precision, power, and endurance on the course.

Benefits and impacts for you

We recognize every golfer is unique. Therefore, each client will be provided with individualized recommendations that target their specific physical limitations and swing mechanics.

Performance enhancement

By addressing physical limitations and improving swing mechanics, you can experience a significant boost in your golf performance, accuracy, and distance.

Injury prevention

Identifying and addressing physical limitations can help prevent common golf-related injuries, ensuring you enjoy the game for years to come.

Progress tracking

Booking regular assessments and follow-ups allow you to track your progress over time and adjust your exercises as needed.

Elevate your golf game with the TPI Physical Screen 

Uncover your true swing potential by addressing both the physical and mechanical aspects of your game. Transform your weaknesses into strengths and watch your handicap drop as you improve your game one swing at a time.