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Natasha Watson

Natasha Watson moved to Oak Bay as a young person, from Kamloops, BC. She still lives in Oak Bay, with her three children and husband. Natasha has been with Arbutus from the beginning, since the very first days at Amphion Street. In a previous career, she worked at an accounting firm, specializing in tax returns.

Natasha’s hobbies include interior design, painting, and furniture upcycling. She and her family do hiking, and relaxing at local beaches, lakes, and islands.

Natasha was a soccer player, but has moved onto mom-coaching. You can find Natasha on the sidelines of the soccer pitch, cheering.

Natasha stands out front of the clinic flexing her muscles.

There’s hope

“There’s hope for my knees, which I did not have. Professional and knowledgable. Happy I went in.”

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A proactive approach

“I had an excellent initial visit with Brandon. He was extremely thorough and answered all my many questions satisfactorily. The program of exercises he provided was clearly explained with a followup email containing instructions and videos to help me. I was particularly impressed that he.focussed not only on the specific problem I came in with but he explained how this could affect other areas of my body and prescribed exercises to prevent any further damage to these other areas, a proactive approach.

Pauline Samoszynski
A photo of Pauline Samoszynski.